• Who can join?

    Any ServiceNow Customer, Partner or Enterprise software user can join ServiceNow Product Lab Insider Program.

  • What will you do with my personal information?

    The information you provide will only be used to match you with suitable research studies and will not be shared or sold to external parties.

  • What type of research can I participate in?

    You can help us make our products and services better by participating in surveys, remote interviews, and allowing us to visit you on-site. You can also join workshops at ServiceNow events.

  • Do I have to live in a particular country to participate?

    No, you can participate from anywhere around the world.

  • Can I invite others in my company organization to join?

    Yes! We love welcoming new people to our research community and encourage you to invite other colleagues within your organization so we can learn more about the work that they do. Please send them this link http://bit.ly/ProdLab-SignUp to join our ServiceNow Product Lab Insider Program.

  • How much time is involved when participating in a research study?

    Each study is different, so time requirements will vary. Some studies may require very little of your time, perhaps only 10 minutes for a survey or 60 minutes for an interview, while others may require multiple on-site visits over an extended period of time.

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