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ServiceNow Product Lab Insider Program

Join ServiceNow Product Lab Insiders, an elite research community that works to help make ServiceNow’s products and solutions
better. We’re looking for customers, partners, and enterprise users to add to the knowledge base that is defining and improving
ServiceNow’s solutions for the future.

Benefits of being
an insider

Help shape the future of ServiceNow
products and services

  • Connect directly with our research, design, and product content teams through surveys, remote interviews, or on-site visits to your company.

  • Directly influence ServiceNow product strategy, future experiences and features by providing feedback on design prototypes.

  • Be the first to provide feedback on early concepts and new product ideas so we can design the best solutions for you.

Customer thoughts on
being an insider

"ServiceNow is an amazing tool set and
I love the opportunity to make it that
much better!"
Jen S, ServiceNow Delivery Manager

ServiceNow Product
Management perspective

"Loved the on-site photos, synthesized research,
sketches, etc. that give a sense of how much work
went into the project and a little glimpse into how
you all approached sense-making and understanding
the problem space!"
ServiceNow Product Management, ITSM PM

Types of research and engagement opportunities

  • Surveys

    We use surveys to gather insights on users' thoughts, opinions, and behaviors. Our online surveys are generally between 8-10 minutes in length and can be completed at your leisure.

  • Remote interviews

    Communicating directly with our users through remote interviews is particularly valuable in the early design and prototyping phases. Our researchers gain valuable insights and can ask follow-up questions to probe deeper on specific concepts. These sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes.

  • Onsite company visits

    In addition to remote sessions, our team also makes onsite visits for in-person discussions and job-shadowing so that we can observe people performing their daily work routines in their environment. It allows the researchers to observe the participants and to get a realistic picture of what tools and solutions they have to excel in their jobs.

  • ServiceNow event

    Meeting our Insights team at a ServiceNow conference or ServiceNow user group gives our customers, partners and enterprise software users an opportunity to connect with our researchers in person and to find out about upcoming research opportunities.

A glimpse at recent research insights

Before rolling out a revised version of our Product
Documentation homepage that included new site
functionality to improve the user experience, we
reached out to product lab insiders to get feedback on:

  • The new design
  • How and why you visit the docs site
  • How we could improve your experience
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The secret to the new product
documentation homepage was YOU

Product Lab insiders helped to

improve the ServiceNow experience

We surveyed customers to learn how we could
simplify and streamline the development process
for everyone from the beginner, to the most
experienced developer.

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